FSCloud is an easy to use multiplayer flight simulation tool (P3D/FSX/X-Plane 11). Start your simulator and fire up FSCloud. You will see other players and their aircrafts.

This is the easiest solution for all virtual flight enthusiasts!

For all questions feel free to join our community on Discord: Invitation Link. You can also visit our Forum and ask your questions there.

There is this fantastic helpful community! Find people same interested in online flying and get a helping hand with FSCloud.

Start relaxed online flying today! Find all download links at the top of this page.

For XP11 you want to install FSCloud and then run the XPlane Installer. This requires that you have aircraft models installed in your XP11 Aircraft directories (CSL files, i.ex. the BlueBell CSL package). The installer will come with the DLL for XP11. There is also a good installation guide pinned at the FSCloud Discord

Finally: Also drop by FSCloud-VA – find there other pilots, track your flights, enjoy tours and go live in monthly groupflight events!

See you online 🙂

FSCloud Status URL

Fetch Live FSCloud Data

Fetch FSCloud Live Data

You can fetch FSCloud Live data from: https://fscloud.net/status.txt The system is the same as with VATSim and others and uses the same syntax. That is the status.txt points to the active status file which contains Weiterlesen…

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