In case that you are using MSFS2020 you can help the development of the next gen of FSCloud by testing its core element, a new map, during development called „Kleiner Automat“ (just for not mixing up with the FSCloud).

That software is coded from scratch using fast and modern scripting technologies like JavaScript and .NET – ready for 2021!

You can download the test version here: DOWNLOAD

In opposite to FSCloud there is no hassle with displaying multiplayer traffic inside of your flight simulator. This is done very well by Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 itself, which works perfectly as long as this is only for MSFS2020 (and not yet any other simulation platform like X-Plane).

The new map focusses on socialicing with other players on the map, in the virutal air and by interacting like sharing routes …

The map view: Double click or click on some aircraft icon to open details screen (see below), right button click for turning „Follow me“ mode on/off, change map type, see the flight plans and routes, …
The details view contains all kinds of data about the flight (your own one or the flight of another player). Quickly find ILS frequencies, active runways, weather informations and more using this view …
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